These Are The Positive Effects Of GST On Automobiles That Can Be Seen After After A Month Of Its Implementation

Aug 02 2017 04:22 PM

GST has been implemented all over the country since last July. It is being seen in almost all areas. But if you talk about the automobile sector then its effect has been seen so far.

Earlier it was told that the automobile sector may have a recession but may not have been able to see it at all. It's been just a month since the GST and it has got a positive impact in the automobile sector. It is being reported that almost all major car companies have recorded increase in sales of cars.

From Tata to Maruti and from Hyundai to Toyota and Ford, everyone has brought the benefits of GST to the customers, which has increased sales. Just talking about July 2017, Maruti Suzuki India Limited has registered a growth of 20.6% by selling 165346 cars. Toyota's sales increased 43%, Tata Motors 7% and Hyundai's growth of 14.5%.

All of these figures have been compared with July 2016, so considering this, after the implementation of GST, there has been a positive impact on the automobile sector.

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