Topaz is the jewel of GURU. This gem is yellowish in colour. It is very expensive. Wearing topaz gives good health along with wealth, longevity and dignity in society. If a girl is not married, then wearing the topaz will remove all the obstacles coming in the marriage. If a girl holds this gem, then she is married to a good and rich family.

1- For Sagittarius and Pisces, wearing topaz is considered extremely beneficial.

2- Wearing topaz eliminates all the obstacles coming in the marriage.In addition, if there is a loss in business continuously, then wearing topaz change loss to profit.

3- Wearing topaz adds value to wealth and respect in society.

4- One get success in the field of education after wearing Topaz. 5- If you have problems with chest pain, breathing, throat etc. then you should wear topaz.l Also read:

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