understand the real meaning of your girlfriend's words, which actually mean different

Jan 05 2017 08:36 PM

If a girl friend says, statement like 'Do, whatever you want' then normally anyone gets confused. There are many other such confusing sentences, one need to deal with. One gets confused, whether she wants from me 'to do it or not'. Girls usually don't indicate clearly; and it is one's own understanding of her nature and based on that, one has to understand her words.

Here are some of the deadly words which females commonly speak but usually do not mean the same:

If she says: 'Just dare to try':

If you think that, this is a challenge and you will win by doing it; then you are wrong. Actually it is an indication that 'never try that'.

If she says: 'Okay its fine':

When she is confident that she is right, but still you argue; at that time she will say this, just to ignore the matter.

If she says: 'That's alright':

After committing a big mistake, when you cover the issue just by saying 'sorry' that is the biggest mistake you do in that situation. Her reply, 'that's alright' indicates that, it's not right and you will have to pay for it, at any time.

If she says: 'Oh! how funny':

This may be an irony, at the time when you are trying to mock her and she is not paying attention to whatever the hell you are talking about.

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