This Chinese woman turned Billionaire overnight

Jul 30 2020 05:09 PM
This Chinese woman turned Billionaire overnight

The fate of a woman from China changed overnight, she became a Billionaire in a short period of time. In May this year, this woman has become rich, this woman's name is Yuan Liping. Yuan also came in the list of world's richest women. You must be wondering how she became filthy rich overnight?

She is the ex-wife of the chairman of a Chinese vaccine company, Shenzen Kangtai Biological Products Company. In May, both of them got divorced with consent. It was one of the most expensive divorces in the world.

Although Weimin had assets of about $ 6.3 billion, or about Rs 47,250 crore, before the divorce, he had to pay the company's 161.3 crores to his wife Yuan Liping as alumni money after the divorce. According to a report, the value of those shares at that time was $ 3.2 billion, or about Rs 24,000 crore. Due to the divorce, the total wealth of Du Weimin was reduced to about $ 3.1 billion i.e. 23,250 crore rupees. However, the price of the pledged shares was not included.

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