10 days of strict lockdown in Bihar, these rules have to be followed

May 05 2021 09:51 AM

Patna: Covid infection in Bihar increasing rapidly. A strict lockdown order has been issued in the state from today following strong remarks by the high court. In Bihar, the second phase of lockdown is set to begin today, which is currently scheduled to continue for 10 days. This time the government is also taking stringent steps to break the chain of covid infection. CM Nitish Kumar has also issued a new guideline following the suggestion of crisis management group and amidst complete lockdown, the public will be required to strictly follow these rules .

- Essential services have been exempted in Bihar amidst lockdown. Grocery, fruit and vegetable shops, meat-fish, milk and PDS shops are open from 7 am to 11 am.

- Restaurants and food shops will open amidst lockdown but food is going to be banned from sitting. Only home delivery will be allowed.

- Along with marriage, works like death funeral have also been approved.

- All schools, colleges, coaching institutes have issued orders to keep closed. No examination will be conducted in Bihar till May 15.

- All offices of the Government of Bihar are going to be closed. Offices of services like district administration, police, water supply, power, health, telecom, department of posts will be exempted.

- All cinema halls, shopping malls, clubs, gyms, swimming pools, stadiums, parks have been issued orders to keep completely closed.

- Hospitals, check-up labs and drug shops will remain open amid 10 days of lockdown.

- Banking, insurance, ATM, industrial unit, petrol pumps, print and electronic media have been exempted between lockdown.

- Movement to and from roads and public places is prohibited for no valid reason.

- Public transport will continue for those coming to Bihar from outside airplanes, railways or buses, but only 50 per cent of the capacity will sit.

- The local administration will issue e-passes to vehicles for necessary work, they are not going to be stopped.

- No more than 20 people will be able to attend the funeral of any deceased person. There will be marriages but there will be no band baja or barat. Only 50 people will be able to attend the wedding.

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