PM Modi says "It will take 21 days for the country to defeat corona"

Mar 26 2020 10:21 AM

The whole world is trying to rein in Coronavirus, but this epidemic continues to spread. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday met the people of his parliamentary constituency, Varanasi, after announcing a 21-day war against the Coronavirus. Through video conferencing from Delhi amid the ongoing lockdown, the PM said that on the first day of Navratri, mother Shailputri's Worship is done. I am Shailputri is a form of affection, compassion and affection. She is also called the Goddess of nature. The crisis that our country is going through It is at this time that his blessings are very much needed. I wish that by his grace we will fight this crisis with his blessings. He said that the war of Mahabharata was won in 18 days. Complete against Corona today. It will take 21 days for the country to fight. Sri Krishna was a charioteer at the time of the war of India. Today there are 130 crore people in the country.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi inspired the people of his parliamentary constituency to fight the coronavirus and said that in 21 days we should win this fight against Corona. Kashi can guide everyone in this hour. Kashi means Shiva. In this time of crisis, people of Kashi can teach the whole world. Shiva means welfare. In the city of Shiv, in the city of Mahakal-Mahadev, there is the ability to show the path to everyone, to show them the way.

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Modi further said that the experience of Kashi is eternal, eternal, timeless and hence in the situation of lockdown today Kashi can teach the country restraint, co-ordination, sensitivity. Teaching can teach cooperation, peace, tolerance. PM Narendra Modi said that the war of Mahabharata was won in 18 days, the war that the whole country is fighting against Corona today, it will take 21 days Our effort is to win it in 21 days. PM Narendra Modi said that as an MP of Kashi, I should have been among you at such a time, but you are also familiar with the activities happening here in Delhi. In spite of my busyness here I am constantly getting updates from my colleagues about Varanasi.

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