Emmanuel Macron ends his visit to Algeria by signing new agreements

Algeria: The leaders of France and Algeria have agreed to work together on energy, security and a re-evaluation of their shared history, an important step towards improving relations that have been affected by the effects of immigration and colonial crimes .

After a three-day visit, French President Emmanuel Macron left Algeria with several agreements that France would become Africa's largest country, an important gas and oil exporter to Europe and a major military player in the region. Relations with you will improve.

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune praised Macron's "very successful visit" and credited him with making personal efforts to improve relations. In their last meeting on Saturday, the two were friendly, smiling, hugging and holding hands. Without going into more detail, Tebboune specifically praised their security meetings.

However, the joint agreements made public by Macron's office lacked specifics and an official apology for the wrongdoings of France during colonialism, which Algerians have long been demanding.

They included agreements on joint commissions to oversee the archives for 130 years, with Algeria serving as a jewel in the French Empire and Algeria's eight-year independence war, as well as gas and hydrogen research, medical research, sports cooperation. was doing. and included agreements on related archives. For the eight-year Algerian freedom struggle.

"We have had moments in the past few days that have helped lay the foundation for what is to come," Macron said. However, he acknowledged that "a lot still needs to be done."

A feel-good diversion during a trip focused primarily on diplomacy, Macron witnessed the first Olympic breakdancer's performance on Saturday and visited a famous Algerian record store by a famous DJ.

Both visits were seen as part of Macron's strategy of relying on the next generation to help ease decades of tensions between France and Algeria.

 The French President visited Disco Maghreb, a famous record store in the western Algerian city of Oran, which also serves as a recording studio for musicians playing traditional Rai music.

 Disco Maghreb and Rae Rhythm are popularized by Franco-Algerian musician DJ Snake, and Macron sent DJ a TikTok video message from the store.

At the 2024 Paris Olympics, where breakdancing would make its debut as an Olympic sport, Macron also saw Algerian breakdancers perform.

Following a significant diplomatic crisis between France and Algeria over the issue last year, Macron pledged that France would be more friendly in its visa policies for Algerian citizens.

The yatra included several stops for economic cooperation. As European nations look for alternatives to Russian energy, Russia's conflict in Ukraine has cemented the North African country's position as a major energy supplier.

According to Macron's office, human rights issues will also be raised. Since the pro-democracy demonstrations in 2019, Algeria has experienced harsh crackdowns on dissent.

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