Nutritionist Karishma Shah brings revolution in health & wellness industry with her wellness podcast ‘Voice It’

After a successful season one of the podcasts “Voice it with Karishma Shah,” well-known Integrative Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coach Karishma Shah is back with the second Season. The Second Season has some extremely new flavors and themes that would communicate a great message to the listeners. The Second Season is unique because Karishma welcomed young entrepreneurs and coaches from around the world who have sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly brand concepts and are making a difference in wellness, health, and lifestyle.

Karishma’s quest to bring local businesses to the forefront led to the Second Season of ‘Voice it with Karishma Shah’, where they can showcase themselves to the world and their work. The podcast is accessible via more than just audio streaming services; anyone can enjoy the available vodcast available on YouTube video. The topics for this Season are extremely well planned and provide a holistic view of health and wellness through the voice of experts, coaches, and young entrepreneurs who are constantly working behind it. The podcast will have some amazing topics that would help people associated with the health and wellness realm.

Sharing about the podcast's second season, Integrative Nutritionist & Holistic Wellness Coach Karishma Shah said, “ After the first season's success, I am looking forward to the same love and appreciation for the second season as well. During the first season, I interacted with many doctors and nutritionists and their take on health & wellness. This time I am inviting Young entrepreneurs and coaches who are regressively working on their brands to make it big. The motive for welcoming these people to the show is to create more awareness about such fitness and wellness brand. The idea behind starting such firms, their background, hurdles, and how they achieve it to the top. This will help people learn from their experiences and incorporate them if they wish to choose the same path. The podcast will give listeners and viewers an insight into what goes into the making of a brand and what mindset entrepreneurs have while creating a brand. This time I chose to invite coaches and young entrepreneurs because I value them as great individuals who are building brands and doing well for themselves. The Second Season has already started, for which I have been receiving a lot of appreciation and amazing feedback, and I hope for the same in the future.” 

Both Season of ‘Voice it with Karishma Shah’ is available on Spotify, Anchor, JioSaavn, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. The podcast's first season was an initiative to bring the real change makers to listeners and build a healthier community. Her conversations with health care practitioners, doctors, and coaches have significantly changed the health and wellness space during Season one. With the same approach to bring a revolution in the mindset of the society, there has to be a voice the world can listen to. And Karishma Shah's voice is the one everyone has been looking forward to hearing to learn something good and interesting about their health. So, if you haven’t listened to the podcast, tune to Spotify or any other social media platform and learn from the best in town. You can follow her on Instagram @karishmashahnutrition  or visit: How does the intestine repair damage tissue?

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