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May 16 2022 03:30 PM

Studying abroad is a dream for many Indian students and every year thousands of students go to different countries to fulfill their dream. However, getting admission to international universities is not as easy as it seems. For passing the eligibility criteria, a student needs to have letters of recommendation, certificates, admission test results of exams like GMAT or GRE and the non-natives also need to have proof of English language proficiency. One of the most popular language tests among students is the IELTS.

The language test 'IELTS' is accepted as proof of English proficiency in several countries like Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, and some states of the USA. The exam, which is recognized by more than 11000 education institutes, is jointly managed by the British Council, Cambridge Assessment English, and IELTS Australia. Each country has its own requirement of minimum score that needs to be achieved. The test is divided into four parts that include listening, speaking,  reading, and writing. There are different IELTS tests for different purposes and a student needs to pass the general training test.

To help students understand and crack the exam there are many coaching institutes/ consultants that provide training courses, one such study abroad consultant is the Gateway International. They are based out of Udaipur and have helped students get admission to renowned universities. Gateway International shared some tips by which a student can improve in each segment of their IELTS test and get good scores.

IELTS Listening

For cracking the listening test, all a student needs to do is listen carefully so that every important piece of information is noted. To ensure that nothing is missed, they should make notes while listening and while writing answers, they should make sure that the English is correct. There is no negative marking, therefore students should attempt all of the questions. Listening test can be a bit more challenging than the other test but if you listen with concentration, then you will easily be able to pass the test.

IELTS Speaking

Just because you know jargon does not mean that you have to flex them in front of the examiner. Focus on your fluency, pronunciation, grammar and while speaking, make sure you have a command over the language. Keep practicing so that you have knowledge about many topics and can formulate answers quickly.

IELTS Reading

It is understandable that every student cannot memorise the whole dictionary so if ever you get stuck on a word, just try to break the sentence and make an informed guess. In task 1 where they have to draft a letter, it is advised to use the right tone. Whereas in task 2, they are advised to learn time management in order to attempt the reading section properly.

IELTS Writing

For the writing task, the most important thing is to plan everything. From allotting time to each task to making a basic format, everything should be done beforehand. While writing, candidates should make sure to use the right words and the grammar should be correct and there should be a connection between the sentences.

Well, these were some tips that will help you ace your IELTS exam. If you are a student who is searching for a consultancy that will help you turn your dream of studying abroad into reality then Gateway International is the right place. They will not only help you conquer your exams but they will also help you with other services like admission guidance, counselling, financial aid, visa assistance, pre-post departure services, etc.

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