With ‘Share Dekho’ Shubham Rathi constructs pathway to comprehend trading & stock market

As much as the stock market, trading, NFTs, Cryptos, etc are making noise all over the town, there is still a large group of society that is unaware of them. The reason is a lack of knowledge, as a result, a lot of them get into the trading domain without proper learning and end up facing a loss. This further leads to the creation of a negative image of the investment market in their head. Especially people living in tier 2 and tier 3 face these difficulties, however, to empower them Shubham Rathi, a rising entrepreneur has launched a new platform- Share Dekho.

 With being an entrepreneur, Shubham Rathi is also the State President of Uttar Pradesh Students Union and State President of All India Jat Mahasabha. He started Share Dekho with a motive to provide a dynamic platform that delivers knowledge and learnings about the stock market & trading sector to the youth of the country. The main focus of their team is to spread the understanding about trading all across the nation and especially amongst the people of tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Share Dekho has a team of market experts that make the difficult courses easy to learn with their one-of-a-kind tailor-made teaching methods.

 The online platform Share Dekho includes three types of courses that are the Basic Course, the Expert Course, and the Elite Course. Each course is designed to provide knowledge at affordable prices and flexible timings. Topics like, buy & sell,  dow theory, demat opening, risk management, strike price selection, gap theory, and much more will be covered under these courses. These courses provide in-depth knowledge at minimal prices of INR 5,999 for Basic Course, INR 9,999 for Expert Course, and INR 14,999 for Elite Course. The classes will be conducted in the online mode for approximately 25 days and each video will be around 40 minutes long. From hidden secrets & myths about the stock market to the techniques for effective analysis to the management of stocks, there is nothing that these courses won’t teach.

Sharing the idea behind the inception of the platform, Shubham Rathi, the Founder, and CEO of Share Dekho says, “The trading sector and the stock market hold the great power to help people grow financially, and I wanted to provide them the opportunity to do so. Share Dekho’s main focus is to cater to the people of small cities and rural areas so that they can get rid of the lack of knowledge they behold about investing and trading. Investing in the stock market is a game changer for people if done correctly, and we aim to provide the right education for that. “

The EdTech platform Share Dekho has already begun admissions for new batches. The admission process is a hassle-free one, students just have to go to their official web page and register themselves. After the registration, a customer executive from the team will reach out to the candidate to ensure that the payment process is done smoothly and that they are not facing any other problems. The platform will also conduct three to four webinars per month and will soon be launching a mobile application for both android and IOS users. So if you have the zeal to decode the stock market and trading industry with ease then without any delay you should go and register yourself with Share Dekho.

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