Taylor Swift's Album Ranked: Guess Which Album Took the Crown?

No. 9 - Naturally, Taylor's self-titled first album from back in 2006 is the newest release in her discography. Right down to its cheesy, teen movie core, it's a country record. The initial songs of the album even now, decades later, the countryside still brims with charm.The CD, however, was let down by the dull collection of average album tunes in the middle.

No. 8 - Speak Now is an absolutely fantastic album that follows the widely acclaimed Fearless.Speak Now just lacks the advantages of evolution, making it seem relatively childish in comparison to Taylor Swift albums that haven't yet been graded. However, we still await the Taylor's Version of the album so fingers cross.

No. 7 - Fearless (Taylor’s Version), It is the pinnacle of Swift's early discography; it's packed with singles that changed the globe and epic storytelling. A massive, bumper version of an album that so many of us grew up with is created by the new (From the Vault) tracks, each of which are outstanding in their own right.

No. 6 - Lover, Taylor's pure pop trilogy is nicely concluded with the outstanding pop album Lover. Cruel Summer, False God, and the magnificent title tune are among its best songs; yet, it is front-loaded and a little bloated.

No. 5 - A multifaceted and intimate record describing her turbulent connection with fame, her celebrity position, and the public's impression of her lurks behind an album with an evil, serpent, bad girl vintage shine. Look What You Made Me Do, the album's lead track, achieved its purpose and set tongues spinning. For better or worse, this was a memorable moment in pop culture.

No. 4 - Folklore: Prose level songwriting that most people could only dream about. The bridge in Cardigan is a crescendo unlike any other. The best duet she's ever performed is Exile. Every family on earth should gather to watch The Last Great American Dynasty on Christmas Day, and it should win an Academy Award.

No. 3 - Evermore: If Folklore's sudden release in 2020 caused jaws to drop, the announcement that Swift would release a new album just five months later caused them to drop completely and crash to the ground. Folklore led us to the woods, but Evermore saw to it that we lingered there for all time.

No. 2 - Red (Taylor's Version): Red is a journey, and considering that (Taylor's Version) lasts a total of two hours and ten minutes, no journey that long is trouble-free. The first step from Taylor Swift the country starlet to Taylor Swift the pop superstar, Red was already a fantastic album. The Taylor's Version of Red is a titanic victory.

No. 1 - 1989: In reality, 1989 is more than just a Taylor Swift album; it is a sacred scripture. The completion of a reinvention that established Taylor Swift as a more diverse artist with, quite frankly, immaculate taste in synth pop, it is a decade and era-defining pop album as well as a career high within a career of nearly all career highs.

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