Depp ditches Disney! Johnny is REFUSING to ever return to Pirates of the Caribbean because he's still furious at studio for dropping him during Amber Heard abuse case

Johnny Depp fans who are clamoring for him to once step into Captain Jack Sparrows tattered boots and tricorn are set to face bitter disappointment because, can reveal, the actor has absolutely no plans to ever work with Disney again.

Despite furious speculation about the actors potential return to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise - which reports suggested could earn him up to 20 million - Depp is, his pals say, done with Disney once and for all because he is still furious over the way the studio unceremoniously dropped him when his ex-wife Amber Heard accused him of abuse.

Last week, Disney studios President Sean Bailey made global headlines when he said that the studio was noncommittal at this point about Depps return. It was widely taken as a gambit to leave the door open for Depp, following his win in court in Virginia last year over domestic abuse allegations.

But, having spent the past few months weighing what he does and doesnt want to do and, on the eve of his 60th birthday on Friday, sources close to the star say that appearing in a film for Disney does not interest him.

Johnny Depp has no plans to return to Disneys Pirates of the Caribbean franchise because he is still smarting over the way the studio dropped him after the Amber Heard abuse scandal

Insiders say that Depp is still smarting after the way that they dumped him when the wife-beating accusations first surfaced.

Although he said in Cannes that he doesnt feel boycotted by Hollywood, Depp, a sensitive man, is angry about the way that the domestic abuse allegations played out and has decided that focusing on a life away from the industry is the best thing for him.

The pal says he has decided that no matter how lucrative the offer, or how cameo the role, he will never agree to go back for this particular studio film - and that it is highly unlikely that he will be tempted to do any studio film again.

For example, Tim Burton – a long time friend of the actor – is making a second Beetlejuice film for Warner Bros, but Depp will not make an appearance, even though he is godfather to Tims children.

A source close to the actor says He says he isnt interested in speaking someone elses words. He is interested in authentic expression of himself, through art and music at the moment. Hes got no interest in Hollywood at all.

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