Dwayne Johnson's Disney Movie: A $151 Million Box Office Blunder Shakes His Hollywood Standing

Dwayne Johnson has enjoyed a terrific wrestling career under his stage name, The Rock. Hoping to enjoy similar to more prominence, he ventured into the acting career.

Given the brand he was at the time, he starred in several films before eventually settling on some specific genres.

He has already been featured in several big projects from the Fast and Furious franchise to the Jumanji series, which has given massive box-office hits.

However, now many believe that his charm is fading after he gave disastrous results in Black Adam and Jungle Cruise. The Disney movie was supposed to begin a new live-action franchise after the mega success of Pirates of the Caribbean, but the results were drastically different.

Dwayne Johnson debuted in Hollywood with a box-office successful film, The Mummy Returns. It eventually led him to star in several projects that were majorly performing well in their theatrical run.

From the past record, it can be seen that his films have had a tremendous box-office leg but the charts are now falling.

Back in 2021, he starred alongside Emily Blunt in the hope of gaining more prominence with Disney’s Jungle Cruise. However, the post-pandemic movie left him shattered as it faced the drastic fate of a 151M loss at the box office.

It was reported that the film would have to gross around 500 million worldwide to break even which included production and promotional cost of 362 million.

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