Fact Check! After all, in which delinquency was Messi arrested?

An image of Argentinian football player Lionel Messi surrounded by police is widely shared on social media, claiming that he has been arrested by the Qatar police in Doha.

In the match played against Mexico on 27 November, Messi scored a brilliant goal and played an important role in his team's 2-0 victory.

Meanwhile, such a picture is going viral on social media which may surprise you. With this picture some people are saying that Messi has been arrested in Qatar on charges of sexual abuse.

In this picture, some policemen are seen surrounding Messi from all sides and taking him somewhere. And a policeman's rifle is close to his face. Sharing this, a Facebook user wrote, "BREAKING: Qatar police arrest Argentine footballer Lionel Messi on sexual assault charges."

Fact Check found that the matter of Messi's arrest is wrong. The viral picture is from the year 2012 when he went to Saudi Arabia. At that time, the police had taken them under security cordon to save them from the crowd.

On reverse searching the viral picture, it was found that it was wrongly posted on a website.

According to this news published on 13 November 2012, Messi had landed at the airport of Saudi Arabia that day. Where the security personnel took him under their cover to save him from the crowd of fans.

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