From Black to White, Some rare pics of changing face of Michael Jackson

By the time this photo was taken in 1973, Jackson had released three solo albums and had his first number one hit, "Ben". At this time, puberty had begun to naturally change Jackson's face, and his jawline began to become more masculine.

Jackson in 1981, during the hiatus between Off the Wall and his mega-hit Thriller. 'Obviously he's had some nasal surgery,' plastic surgeon Pamela Lipkin told to News in 2003.

Jackson attends the 1989 Soul Train Awards in Los Angeles, unveiling an even thinner nose, heavily-lined eyes, and a suddenly prominent cleft chin.

In a interview with Oprah Winfrey in 1993, Jackson admitted that his skin color had changed, but insisted the lightening was a result of a disease called vitiligo. But his Plastic surgeon Pamela Lipkin was skeptical of these claims.

By November 2001, Jackson's ever-higher eyebrows created a permanently startled look and suggested surgical intervention of some kind. "He probably had some sort of forehead lift or brow lift," Lipkin told media in 2003.

Jackson is pictured after his 2003 arrest for alleged child molestation. The charges were almost as shocking as his ever-evolving appearance. Here Jackson himself admitted to having plastic surgery. Michael Jackson died on 25th June, 2009.

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