How are mummies stored in Egypt?

In many countries of the world, including ancient Egypt, people believed in reincarnation.

He believed that the body of a dead person should be preserved, so that he can get the same body in the next life.

With this idea, in ancient times people started the process of making mummy.

Mami is a goddess in the Babylonian epic Atra-Hasis and other creation legends.

She was probably synonymous with Ninhursag. She was involved in the creation of mankind from clay and blood.

Ankhekhonsu priest was buried 3000 years ago. Now the help of modern technology is being taken for study on this mummy of priest Ankhekhonsu.

Mummy has been brought to Milan city of Italy for CT scan. Sabina Malgora, director of the Mummy Project Research, says that the mummies are practically a biological museum, they are like a time capsule.

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