Know who is the best between current era legends Messi and Ronaldo

Messi is most often compared and contrasted with Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo, as part of an ongoing rivalry that has been compared to past sports rivalries like the Muhammad Ali–Joe Frazier rivalry in boxing, the Roger Federer–Rafael Nadal rivalry in tennis, and the Senna–Prost rivalry from Formula One motor racing.

since 2008, Messi has won seven Ballons d'Or to Ronaldo's five,[539] six FIFA World's Best Player awards to Ronaldo's five, and six European Golden Shoes to Ronaldo's four.

undits and fans regularly argue the individual merits of both players;[161][541] beyond their playing styles, the debate also revolves around their differing physiques – Ronaldo is 1.87 m (6 ft 1+1?2 in) with a muscular build – and contrasting public personalities, with Ronaldo's self-confidence and theatrics a foil to Messi's humility.

From 2009–10 to 2017–18, Messi faced Ronaldo at least twice every season in El Clásico, which ranks among the world's most viewed annual sports events.

Off the pitch, Ronaldo is his direct competitor in terms of salary, sponsorships, and social media fanbase.

He has known Roccuzzo since he was five years old, as she is the cousin of his childhood best friend, Lucas Scaglia, who is also a football player.

Messi placed the ball under his shirt after scoring in Argentina's 4–0 win against Ecuador on 2 June 2012, before confirming the pregnancy in an interview two weeks later.

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