Messi earns this much money from Instagram in a day

Messi has over 370 million followers on Instagram, making him the third most-followed human on the social media platform and the second most-followed sportsperson after Ronaldo.

This massive following brings in very good revenue as part of his off-field earnings.

A 2019 Forbes report says that a single paid post on Messi’s Instagram account earned him an average of USD 648,000.

As per the UK-based Instagram planning and scheduling tool Hopper HQ, Messi now makes roughly over USD 1.77 million per post.

Messi’s Instagram account offers a mix of his personal and professional worlds.

here are pictures and videos of him spending quality time with family alongside those of his matches both at the club and the national levels.

Thrown into this mix are paid partnerships with the brands that Messi endorses.

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