Mummies with gold tongues found in Egypt, archaeologists are unable to solve this puzzle

At the time the discovery was made, Egypts Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities said that the tongue made of gold may have been placed on the mummy by embalmers to ensure that the dead could find directions to the afterlife.

Experts believe that a golden tongue was considered necessary to get the blessings of Osiris, the god of the other world inside the earth.

It is believed that Osiris was the god of the dead. Hades was called The Silent Land in ancient Egypt.

At the same time, Osiris was called Lord of Silence. Osiris did not like noise.

This is the reason why silence was kept during funerals in ancient Egypt.

When the mummys mouth was opened for preparation after death, only then some music or sound was made.

It is believed that the tongues of gold must have been planted so that the mummies could talk to Osiris without any noise.

But if this is the case, then why were golden tongues found in only a few mummies

In ancient Egypt, there was a practice of making gold ornaments for funerals.

It is said that this shining gold was liked by the gods, especially the sun god Ra who was the symbol of eternity.

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