Neymar Jr : On Social media,his every expression gets millions likes in few hours, you will surely love it.

7,973,037 likes, Dreaming, aiming and putting your goal as a priority is not contempt for your rivals, but a goal for you to go after. Tomorrow it starts : Neymar

3,264,495 likes, Friday, Looking in chilling out mood

3,569,982 likes, 3+GO PARIS, Neymar take his tongue out is quite heart shaking for girls

3,148,871 likes, THIS IS PARIS, This is really rare and attacking mode expression

3,766,160 likes, See you in Qatar! LET'S GO BRAZIL, His expression is incomplete without taking tongue out.

3,043,328 likes, May God bless us and protect us. Really amazing way to express and very impressive man.

2,447,332 likes,What was I thinking ? I guess he is thinking : Left or right corner?

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