Paris Saint-Germain director spills beans on Argentina skipper's future: REPORTS

Lionel Messi isnt a name anymore, the Argentina skipper is an all-time great who will go down as someone who has transformed football and has dominated the sport for more than a decade now.

The Paris Saint-Germain stalwart achieved his career high with a World Cup win in Qatar last year and there is almost nothing left for him to conquer as far as football goes.

eo Messi attracts headlines and the spotlight, for all the right reasons on most occasions.

After Messis heroic feat of winning the World Cup in December last year, the spotlight is on him regarding his club future.

It is being said that the Argentina skipper is reconsidering the decision of renewing his contract with PSG, a club that features other superstars like Neymar Jr., and Kylian Mbappe.

Both Messi and Mbappé are teammates at PSG, but both of them clashed with each other for the ultimate glory, the World Cup on December 18, 2022.

Reportedly Messis contract expires in June this year and there is a lot of conjecture around it. As of now, PSGs director has come out and has tried to put all the rumours around Messis transfer to rest.

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