People are crazy about Messi's tremendous playing style

Messi has better agility than taller players due to his shorter stature, which enables him to change direction more quickly and avoid opponent tackles, earning him the nickname La Pulga Atómica in the Spanish media (

Despite having a small frame, he has strong upper body strength that helps him resist physical challenges from opponents.

Because of this and his low centre of gravity and resulting balance, he has been criticised for not diving in a sport where playacting is common.

He excels at brief bursts of acceleration thanks to his short, muscular legs, and his fast feet help him keep control of the ball while dribbling quickly.

He also has a penchant for scoring from chips.

Messi is the only player who sprints quicker with the ball than he does without it, according to his former Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola.

Messi is primarily a left-footed player, however he has made progress with his weaker foot since his mid-20s.

He typically starts dribbling runs with the outside of his left foot and uses the inside of it to finish and provide passes and assists.

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