Maa Kalratri will be pleased with the people of these zodiac signs today, know your horoscope here

Aries – Today you will experience fatigue, laziness and anxiety. Control your anger. There can be auspicious programs at home. Take care that no one gets hurt in job, place of business or at home.

Taurus - Today your confidence will be strong. Money can be benefited. You can get the support of friends. Fathers health will be fine. Take a thoughtful decision today. Patience may decrease.

Gemini – Avoid going on a journey today. Today you will feel indecisive about taking an important decision. Today you will feel mental stress. There will be physical unwell due to lack of sleep.

Cancer – Can start new work. You can get benefits Meeting friends will prove beneficial. Will tie the bond of love with someone today. There are chances of getting financial benefits. Can go on a short trip.

Singh – Time is good for the students. Interest in spiritual work will increase. Today your health will be good. Will get the news of the progress of the children. There will be peace and happiness in the family.

Virgo - Money can be benefited. There are chances of going to religious and auspicious works. Today will prove to be a good day for business. Health will be good. Will meet relatives and will get happiness.

Libra – Take care of health. Today you will have to keep your speech and behavior in check. Will meet friends and get their support.

Scorpio – There are chances of getting a job. Will get benefit from female friends. There will be good news from the child side. There will be auspicious work.

Sagittarius – There is a possibility of financial gain. Family life will be happy. Will be able to do financial planning as well.

Capricorn - There will be an increase in child happiness. There will be interruption in income and excess of expenses. There will be fear of water. Will get the support of family members.

Aquarius - You can get hurt by someones speech and behavior. There are chances of going on a journey. There can be differences with the officers in the job.

Pisces – There can be an increase in the workspace. The mind will remain anxious. There will be cooperation of officers in the job.

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