Was Michael Jackson really a pedophile ?

Millions of people are still crazy about Michael Jackson's dance and songs. Of course Michael Jackson is no more among us today, but pop music is still alive in the hearts of people.

Jackson won many awards in his name, but along with those awards, serious allegations like sexual abuse are also registered in his name.

The year 1993 was a shocking year in the life of Michael Jackson. He was accused of sexually abusing a 13 year old child this year. The whole world was shocked after this allegation.

On September 14, when Michael Jackson was on his Moscow tour, the child's parents filed a lawsuit against the pop star. Michael Jackson was accused of repeatedly sexually abusing his child.

Jackson's trial began on February 28, 2005. The boy alleged that Michael Jackson sexually assaulted him. And the boy's brother confirmed this.

However, Jackson denied all the allegations leveled against him. Jackson had said - I did not commit any crime. However, these allegations could not be proved on Jackson.

Michael Jackson was acquitted on June 13, 2005. However, exactly 4 years later, on June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson died.

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