Which country searched Inter Miami the most after Lionel Messi transfer? Surprising Google results emerge

Lionel Messi announced his decision to join Inter Miami on Wednesday, June 7, making fans search for the MLS club on Google. Fans worldwide were trying to find more information on the Argentines new club as they became the most searched term on Google Trends.

As per a report by MLS writer Favian Renkel, fans from Bangladesh searched the most for Inter Miami.

The south Asian country scored 100 on Google Trends most common search last week, while Messis home country Argentina scored just 84, coming in second.

Nepal with 82, and Haiti with 81 came in third and fourth for the countries with the most searches for Inter Miami, while Ivory Coast were fifth with 73.

Iraq, Yemen, Congo, Honduras, and Nicaragua completed the top 10.

Lionel Messi commented that he wanted to leave Europe if a return to Barcelona was not happening.

He did not want to wait for the Catalan side to get a deal done, and opted to join Inter Miami.

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