'India is behaving like a mature power', says US defense expert

A top US defense expert has said that India is behaving like a 'mature power' in the wake of the doping deadlock in the Sikkim sector. This makes China feel like a bruising teen.

Explain that there has been a stalemate between India and China for the past two months in the Dokalam area. This stalemate began when Indian soldiers stopped the People's Liberation Army from making roads in this area.

While praising India's attitude towards this matter, the tactics professor James R. Holmes said at the prestigious Naval War College, "India has done the right things till now. Neither has he ran back in the controversy nor has he responded with speeches like Beijing."

He said, 'He is behaving like a matured power and it shows China as a teenager who is tantrums'. Holmes said that it is "strange" that China wants to keep the border dispute alive with its biggest neighbor.

Holmes also said, "If China wants to adopt aggressive navigational strategies, then it should secure its ground boundaries so that when it faces ground aggression from its neighbors, it does not have to worry about it."

Holmes stated, "It is also possible that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his adviser do not want to include America in that Himalayan conflict. If the dispute increases, then there is a possibility of coming forward in support of Washington's New Delhi."


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