"No one can intrude on me till the Lok Sabha elections", says Kumaraswamy

Jun 18 2018 11:35 AM

While alarming the Congress, Karnataka CM HD Kumaraswamy has said that no one can intrude on him  untill the Lok Sabha elections. He has an year's time and it will be used in the grasping the state. The Karnataka government of coalition will present its budget in July.Interestingly, Siddaramaiah, Karnataka's CM, has presented the state budget.This move of the government will not come to the Congress. 

In a function, Kumaraswamy showed his sharp stance and made it clear that there is no need to worry. None of them can spoil anything. CM also said that he would soon announce a loan apology scheme for the farmers. Preparations are underway for this in a holistic manner. By studying all aspects, farmers will be given relief. A loan forgiveness plan will be prepared for farmers in 15 days.  They said that they will not waste a year's time.

During this time, work will be done for the interests of the state. They said that they are not cared about what others did. His concern is only about what he is going to do. The statement of Mr. Kumaraswamy is important in that the coalition government has been in a raging environment since the beginning. It is clear from the disintegration of the first ministries and the Congress legislators that everything is not doing well between them.   

Clearly, CM's posture is a problem for the Congress. CM also said that some people would be upset to present their re-budget. They think that the CM is doing this for the name, but he does not care about anyone. He will openly oppose for Karnataka and its basins. Significantly, no one in Karnataka could get a majority in the May 21 election. Congress and JD (S) contested against each other. But both of them later came together and formed the government.

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