1 girl falls in love with 2 youth, Know complete matter

Jan 22 2021 02:50 PM
1 girl falls in love with 2 youth, Know complete matter

Recently, a young woman from JJ Colony had a love relationship with Saidar and Ankit. When both the young men came to know that the woman was in a relationship with both, the two youths asked the young woman to choose one.

The value of enmity between two lovers of a young woman had to be missed by a passer. On Tuesday night, a lover attacked another lover's friend in the meantime, a passer-by tried to rescue him, and he was also beaten up on Wednesday. According to the information received, the young woman spoke of having a relationship with Saidar. After which there was enmity between Ankit and Saidar. On Tuesday night, Saider's friend Rehan stood near his home in the O block of JJ Colony. In the meantime, Ankit attacked Rehan with 15-20 people.

Rehan was running towards the street to save lives only if Shaukat, who was passing by, was trying to save Rehan. Meanwhile, the electricity went away. In the dark, the assailants thrashed both the youths for about an hour and escaped.

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