A Man finds heaven on earth when he has these three things: Chanakya Niti

The policies of Acharya Chanakya are adopted everywhere and they are said to be very good and effective. In such a situation, we are all aware that Chanakya's policies are very popular not only in the country but also abroad, while Acharya Chanakya, a great scholar of ethics, has mentioned many policies in Chanakya policy to avoid the troubles of life which If a person understands then his life can be easy. Through one verse in the same policies, he tells that "If three things are with man, then he can feel the happiness of heaven on earth". Now let us know what those things are ...?

Shloka - ‘'यस्य पुत्रो वशीभूतो भार्या छन्दानुगामिनी. विभवे यश्च सन्तुष्टस्तस्य स्वर्ग इहैव हि..'

Meaning- Actually, Acharya Chanakya explains through this verse written in the second chapter of his Niti Shastra i.e. Chanakya Niti that "If a man's children obey his words, obey him and honor the parents." If there is such a situation for parents, it is not less than any heaven. ”In this way, he has told about the child. With this, he has said, "If children disregard the parents' words and insult them, then their life becomes like hell."

With this Chanakya has told that if Bhariya i.e. wife is a colleague and he is listening and understanding things, then the person is always happy, if the wife does not listen to the husband, then disputes can arise and then the life of both would become difficult. Huh.

With this, Acharya Chanakya has said at the end of the verse that if man has enough money with cultured children and obedient wife, he gets heaven on earth.

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