10 Bollywood Actors who played female roles in movies.
10 Bollywood Actors who played female roles in movies.

Bollywood a place of the mixture of talents.Here actors are so dedicated for their passion that they don't bother playing the role of male or female for movies to get hit.There are many movies in which male actors played the role as a female, as it results to visually very funny and attracts a large number of audience.There are many movies based on this things.All these movies have also become hit and commercially very successful.These actors play their role so well that don't even bother what audience might think.
Here is the list of ten Bollywood actor who played female roles in the movie.

1. Kamal Hassan.

 One could barely tell the difference!Kamal Hassan got it right and how with his role as Chachi in Chachi 420. The look, his gestures, his voice, everything was pulled off as a genuine elderly lady by the actor and he nailed it.

2. Riteish Deshmukh.
Ritesh Deshmukh managed to steal several hearts with his female character in Apna Sapna Money Money.He is one of the top actors in the list of Bollywood,
of top 10 actors who played a female character.

3. Shreyas Talpade.
According to Shreyas Talpade being a women is an art.He got an innocent face and therefore he pulled of role very nicely. Shreyas convinced us of his acting skills as a female lead in the movie Paying Guest. 

4. Shahid Kapoor.
The movie Milenge Milenge saw Shahid Kapoor like never before. He pulled off the role of a woman quite well with blonde hair, a short skirt and high heels.

5. Aamir Khan.
One of the three Khan's who pulled the female look really well.Mr. perfectionist appeared in a song was Dole Dole Dil from the movie Baazi as a female character and also played a role as female in different commercials and looked very adorable.

6. Govinda.
The actor who can play's any role very nicely and easily.His role in Aunty No 1 is unforgettable. The comedy king turned into quite the comedy queen as he played the female character with much enthusiasm, he also appeared as women in Raju Babu.

7. Shammi Kapoor.
One of the finest in the movie industry.Shammi Kapoor too dressed up as a woman for the movie Bluff Master back in 1963.

8. Amitabh Bachchan.
He is one of the legendary actors of Bollywood, who played the role of a female  in the song mere agne mai,which was liked and appreciated by everyone.

9. Shah Rukh Khan.
King of Bollywood.He played a female character in movie Duplicate, though he was not able to pull off the properly but the movie was hit and entertaining.

10. Salman Khan.
The macho man of Bollywood, He played a small role as a female in the movie Jaan-e-maan.The macho man played the role of women was not appreciated by his fans.
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