10 facts about sex that you did not know

Apr 09 2019 09:15 PM
10 facts about sex that you did not know

Of course, sex is an occupation that should bring us pleasure and nothing more. But how about looking at sex from a scientific angle? In this material, we have gathered a dozen interesting facts that you might not know.

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 Men also have a “G spot”

Talk about the women's “G spot” - the one that allows you to get the highest pleasure - is so popular that we don’t even wonder if men have a similar “button”. And you will be surprised, but yes. According to research, it is located right under the bladder, and can significantly increase the brightness of sex with proper stimulation.

Women think about sex more often

The society perceives women as lovely modest women who allow themselves free thoughts in strictly limited quantities. But the survey showed that girls actually think about sex even more often than men, and, in addition to this, would not refuse to have it more in their lives. According to one study, about 53% of women admitted that they do not have sex as often as they would like, while 75% of survey participants expressed a desire to make love at least three times a week.

Orgasm - a rare occurrence

 So much has been said about how to achieve an orgasm that it does not occur to us to doubt that this is normal. However, numerous studies on the topic show that orgasm in a certain sense should be considered an achievement - and this is especially true for women. For example, approximately 70% of men in relationships constantly experience an orgasm with their partner, but this pleasure is available to only 30% of women.

Sex can improve memory

But only in women. A recent study has shown that regular sex improves the ability of the female brain to memorize words and whole phrases - this is due to an increase in blood flow to the brain's hippocampus. And although the same effect can be obtained with the help of any aerobic activity, it is much more pleasant to do this in bed.

Sperm cells are very fast

Despite the fact that the sperm looks completely immobile, as soon as it goes inside the female body, sperm develops high speed. According to The Naked Scientist, sperm can move at a speed of up to 5 mm / min, which, given the scale, is equal to the swimming speed of salmon.

Size doesn’t really matter

Conversations that all women whose partners have an average penis size are striving for something more substantial - a marketing move that allows them to increase sales of “miraculous preparations” and “magic simulators”. In fact, studies have shown that women are much more likely to change partners with impressive dignity, as this gives them "pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse."

Oral sex will make the penis longer

 At least, it will seem like a man. Surveys have shown that those who regularly engage in oral sex with their partner assess the size of the penis as larger than it actually is (which does not happen, for example, after masturbation).

 Apples are great aphrodisiacs

We have all heard of aphrodisiacs like strawberries and oysters, but ordinary apples can also increase sexual cravings. Research data from 2014 suggests that women who eat apples more than once a day report better sexual function and permanent attraction to a partner, unlike those who do not.

Women are more attractive during ovulation

Despite the fact that they are not aware of this, men subconsciously are more attracted to women during ovulation. It was possible to find out with the help of dancers in private clubs: it turned out that on the days of ovulation, they receive larger tips from customers.

Socks help to get an orgasm

No, this is not about new sexual practices, but about ordinary cotton socks, which can make your sex better. No matter how ridiculous it may sound, socks are the way to orgasm. Information is ready to confirm the researchers, who found that a person with warm feet is easier to reach the final point of enjoyment.

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