10 Sex position that women like

Apr 15 2019 09:02 PM
10 Sex position that women like

All girls are unique and all have different preferences for sex. However, we decided to study the most popular poses among the lists. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been doing gymnastics and yoga every day out of the year or not; we’ve got some tips and great sex positions you can bring into the bedroom to take your sexual experience to an amazing new level.

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1. Doggie-style with deflection 

The girl kneels, resting her hands on the surface of the bed or sofa. A man enters her from behind.

2. Cunnilingus with raised legs

The partner leans on elbows, having bent and having raised legs. A man lies on his stomach between her thighs. 

3. Hammer and anvil

The woman lies on her back, bending her knees. A man lies on top, carrying the weight of the body on his hands. 

4. Spoons classic

Both partners lie on their side, slightly bending their knees. The man presses against the back and buttocks of the woman, entering from behind.

5. Lotus

The man sits, leaning his hands on the surface of the bed. The girl sits on the partner on top.

6. Iron

The partner lies on her stomach with her back to the man. Partner enters from behind.

7. Rider with a tilt

The man lies on his back, and his partner sits on top, slightly leaning forward. 

8. Reverse rider with tilt

A man lies on his back, bending his knees. The partner sits back to him, leaning on his hips. 

9. Sex sitting

The man sits, slightly spreading his legs. The girl settles down from above, facing the partner. 

10. Missionary with knee bent

The woman lies on her back, spreading her legs slightly and bending one knee. A man lies on top of facing his partner. 

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