10 ways that smartphones destroy human life

May 04 2019 04:52 PM
10 ways that smartphones destroy human life

People, acquiring a masterpiece of modern technical thought - a smartphone, get with it not only a lot of advantages and amenities for working and mastering information but also sad side effects. About how these devices ruin a person’s life, writes News.com.au, highlighting ten areas in which destruction is most pronounced.

1. Online impressions beat real

Surprisingly, people are ready to pay decent money to buy a smartphone and get the opportunity to download, for example, the music of a popular group, instead of paying for a ticket and visiting its concert.

2. The boss got to your privacy

Do you receive emails from work email to your smartphone? This means that the boss now owns not only the body and soul of the subordinate but also invades privacy with his approval. Of course, this can be avoided if you do not use the smartphone after returning home from work or disable this feature.

3. Harm to health

Scientists have proven that the use of smartphones can cause serious problems with the tendons of the thumbs, osteochondrosis of the cervical spine and visual impairment. This is due to the small screen and miniature buttons of the gadget.

The tendons of the thumbs inflame when typing, and smartphone neck owners get damage to the neck while keeping their head tilted. Save the situation can only reduce the time of use of the device.

4. You can not calmly get wet

In the good old days you could afford to fall into the pool and get out of it with little or no damage to yourself. Now, even an unexpected thunderstorm can bring you losses in the form of spoiled high-tech devices for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

5. People stopped reading

Having received technical innovations at their disposal, people found themselves completely absorbed in the opportunities provided by them and completely stopped reading fiction. Of course, you can download Leo Tolstoy's “War and Peace” into your e-book, but most likely you will not go further than the description of the social events in the salon of Anna Scherer. You can almost certainly assume that you will have no time - the attention will be taken by the game Angry Birds, as well as correspondence on Twitter and Facebook.

6. Disappeared spontaneous joy

You can no longer please your friends and rejoice at the unexpected visit of a pleasant person yourself. It is unlikely that you will be able to remember when you last declared to a friend without an agreement, call or sms-message. But this is probably sad, and ultimately impoverishes life with emotions.

7. In the morning, wearing pants, do not forget

With the advent of the smartphone, you still have a duty that you cannot forget - to charge the phone. After all, to neglect this will be the same serious slip as to forget to wear underwear.

8. Loss of public relations

How often in the cafe you can now see people who are not communicating with each other, and absorbed in the manipulation of their phones. We gradually forget about the delights of communication, including with strangers, with whom I had to face, that the awkward silence can be filled with polite conversation. Even close people cease to fully communicate with each other, increasingly preferring virtual reality to reality.

9. Your vices are always with you

Gamers no longer have to look forward to when he returns home and rush to his stationary computer to resume the interrupted game. Thanks to the smartphone, you can now indulge your passion easily and almost ceaselessly anywhere.

10. Blunders and follies - forever

Because of the smartphones, you have lost the opportunity to do something stupid, suppose drunk and safely forget about them. You will not be allowed to do this, do not hope! Be sure to find one that captures your shame and make it public.

Only you can decide how a smartphone can ruin your life or make it more comfortable and better. As in other cases, you only need to know when to stop.


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