1,000-year-old egg found in an ancient Yavneh cesspit

Jun 11 2021 11:46 AM
1,000-year-old egg found in an ancient Yavneh cesspit

A number of cases are being reported from all over the world, meanwhile, a 1000-year-old egg has been found in Israel. It is said to be one of the oldest eggs in the world. Unfortunately, however, the egg broke due to cleaning. The egg is said to be of the 10th century and was found due to excavation in Yavane district of central Israel. Urban development prospects are currently underway in Yavane district.

Dr. Lee Perry Gal, an expert in the Israeli Department of Archaeology, said, "This is a rare discovery in Israel and all over the world. It has always been interesting to get egg peel sans excavation, but it is normal. It is rare in itself to have a whole whole egg." Earlier, ancient egg shells in Israel have been found several times in the City of David in Jerusalem. The entire egg is said to have been seized from an archaeological site of the 10th century.

It is within this archaeological site that archaeologists have received a malkund of islamic period. The surprise of archaeologists did not seem to be limited when they saw an unusual thing inside the malkund. "This egg is whole because it remained in a special state for 1,000 years," said Israeli archaeologist Alla Nagorski. The egg lay between human feces and therefore survived.

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