103 types of disease can be caused by drinking water this TIME

Dec 07 2018 10:34 AM
103 types of disease can be caused by drinking water this TIME

Drinking water is considered to be very beneficial for health, drinking water does not have many diseases lurking around you, but if you have to improve your health, then it is important to water the water in some places. It has been seen in many people that the food drinks water immediately after eating or eating, which later causes stomach disorders. 

Some people have the habit that they drink more water than food at the time of eating, in such a way, the water you drank after drinking water absorbs the surface of the stomach, causing gastric juices to be formed which is used for your acidity and gas The main reason is that drinking water immediately after eating food ends the gastric emissions, which work to cook food, in such a way it makes acid inside the stomach. That causes your gas.

Ayuruvad has been told about 103 diseases caused by drinking water during or after drinking water in which some diseases are so serious that you do not leave life together, so try to avoid water. We all know that it is very necessary for a good and healthy body to cure stomach because main machine to work of our whole body is the only stomach when the stomach is not good then how will we be healthy? 


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