Chant these 108 names of Lord Krishna in lunar eclipse

Jul 04 2020 05:25 PM
Chant these 108 names of Lord Krishna in lunar eclipse

The eclipse is called an astronomical event and its astrology has been given special significance. There are two types of eclipse: a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. Now the lunar eclipse coming this year is on 5 July. There is lunar eclipse on 5th July i.e. Sunday and worship is prohibited on this day, but you can chant 108 names of Lord Krishna. It is said that chanting 108 names of Lord Krishna during lunar eclipse destroys all the plagues. Chanting the name of the eclipse can also be avoided. Today we are going to tell you the 108 names of Lord Krishna and their meanings.

Lord Sri Krishna 108 Name

1. Achla: God.
2. Achutha: The infallible lord or one who has never forgotten.
3. Adhbhutah: Wonderful Lord.
4. Adidev: Lord of the Gods.
5. Aditya: Son of Goddess Aditi.
6. Ajanma: Whose power is infinite.
7. Ajaya: winner of life and death.
8. Akshara: Indestructible Lord.
9. Amrit: Those with nectar form.
10. Anadih: Who is first.
11. Anand Sagar: Kind-hearted people.
12. Ananta: Endless Dev.
13. Anantjeet: Always victorious.
14. Anaya: who has no owner.
15. Anirudha: Those that cannot be blocked.
16. Aparajit: Those who cannot be defeated.
17. Avyukta: Explicit like Manabh.
18. Bal Gopal: Child form of Lord Krishna.
19. Bali: Almighty.
20. Chaturbhuj: Lord of four arms.
21. Danavendro: One who bestows boons.
22. Dayalu: A storehouse of compassion.
23. Dayanidhi: Kindness to all.
24. Devadhidev: God of Gods.
25. Devkinandan: Lal (son) of Devaki.
26. Devesh: God of Gods.
27. Dharmadhyaksh: The lord of religion.
28. Dwarkadhish: The ruler of Dwarka.
29. Gopal: Who plays with the cowherds.
30. Gopalapriya: Beloved of the cowherds.
31. Govinda: Cow, nature, land lovers.
32. Dnyaneshwar: Lord of knowledge.
33. Hari: God of nature.
34. Hiranyagarbha: The most powerful Creator.
35. Rishikesh: Giver of all senses.
36. Jagadguru: Guru of the universe.
37. Jagdish: protector of all.
38. Jagannath: God of the universe.
39. Janardhan: One who gives blessings to all.
40. Jayanta: Who defeats all enemies.
41. Jyotiraditya: In which the sun is shining.
42. Kamal Nath: Lord of Goddess Lakshmi.
43. Kamalanayan: who has eyes similar to lotus.
44. Kamasantaka: The slayer of Kamsa.
45. Kanjalochan: who has eyes like lotus.
46. Keshav: Who has long, dark curly hair.
47. Krishna: The dark ones.
48. Lakshmikant: God of Goddess Lakshmi.
49. Lokadhyaksh: lord of the three worlds.
50. Madan: Symbol of love.
51. Madhav: the storehouse of knowledge.
52. Madhusudan: Those who kill the Madhu-Danavas.
53. Mahendra: Lord of Indra.
54. Manmohan: One who loves everyone.
55. Manohar: Very beautiful-looking God.
56. Mayur: God who bears peacock feathers on the crown.
57. Mohan: Attracting all.
58. Murali: Lord of the flute.
59. Muralidhar: Wearing Murali.
60. Murali Manohar: Fascinated by playing Murali.
61. Nandgopal: son of Nand Baba.
62. Narayan: All those who take shelter.
63. Niranjan: Best.
64. Nirguna: In which there is no demerit.
65. Padmahasta: Who has hands like lotus.
66. Padmanabha: who has a lotus-shaped navel.
67. Parbrahman: The ultimate truth.
68. Paramatma: Lord of all beings.
69. Param Purush: Those with superior personality.
70. Parthasarathy: Charioteer of Arjuna.
71. Prajapati: Nath of all beings.
72. Punya: Serene personality.
73. Purushottam: Best man.
74. Ravilochan: Surya has an eye.
75. Sahasrakash: Lord of the thousand eyes.
76. Sahasrajit: Those who win thousands.
77. Sahasrapat: Those who have thousands of feet.
78. Sakshi: Witness of all gods.
79. Sanatan: Never Ending.
80. Sarvajan: Those who know everything.
81. Sarvapalakaka: Followers of all.
82. Sarveshwara: higher than all the gods.
83. Satya Vachan: truth tellers.
84. Satyam: God with superior personality.
85. Shantam: Quiet.
86. Shreshth: Great.
87. Srikanth: Lord of amazing beauty.
88. Shyam: Those whose color is dark.
89. Shyamsunder: Beautiful looking even in dark colors.
90. Sudarshan: Beautiful.
91. Sumedha: Omniscient.
92. Suresham: God of all living beings.
93. Swarupati: King of heaven.
94. Trivikrama: The winner of the three worlds.
95. Upendra: Brother of Indra.
96. Vaikunthanath: Living in heaven.
97. Vardhamanah: Who has no shape.
98. Vasudeva: living everywhere.
99. Vishnu: Forms of Lord Vishnu.
100. Vishwadakshin: skillful and efficient.
101. Vishwakarma: Creator of the universe.
102. Vishwamurti: Form of the whole universe.
103. Vishwaroopa: One who designs for cosmic interest.
104. Vishvatma: the soul of the universe.
105. Vrishaparva: God of religion.
106. Yadvendra: Head of Yadav dynasty.
107. Yogi: Head Guru.
108. Yoginampati: lord of yogis.

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