11 reasons to masturbate: tips for girls

May 08 2019 10:23 PM
11 reasons to masturbate: tips for girls

95% of women do not masturbate. And it is in vain, because it is not only pleasant, but also very useful.

1. Masturbation tones the pelvic floor muscles.

You, of course, heard about the benefits of Kegel exercises for the pelvic floor muscles. Masturbation, ending orgasm, can replace them. In addition, it supports the orgasmic functions of the body, such as the release of vaginal lubrication. By the way, it is convenient to train the muscles with the help of special vaginal balls.

2. Masturbation helps to relax.

The study itself stimulates the production of endorphins and hormones that improve mood, and also relieves tension, stress and depression. In addition, after an orgasm sleep better.

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3. Masturbation will relieve pain

Suffering from headaches and PMS? Will help orgasm, which will bring masturbation. Endorphins have a beneficial effect on blood flow, boost mood and energize.

4. Masturbation will wake up hidden sexual fantasies.

Alone the most vulgar fantasies flourish. And it is useful for the work of the brain. Favorite pictures and stories can be repeated later with a partner.

If you give free rein to thoughts, you can go very far and imagine yourself in situations that you used to be ashamed to think about. For example, threesome or hardcore games. The most pleasant thing is that no one will know about your thoughts, and in your imagination you can become anyone. And sleep with anyone.

5. Masturbation does not require special decorations and moods.

You can, of course, light candles to set the mood, but the real value of masturbation is that you don’t need to impress and surprise anyone. So, unshaven legs will not become a hindrance on the way to pleasure.

6. Masturbation helps reveal sexuality.

It's all simple for men, and the body of a woman, especially the area between the clitoris and vagina, is full of surprises. Explore yourself to share discoveries with a partner.

7. Masturbation is absolutely safe.

Sex alone is safe. There is no risk of getting pregnant or becoming infected. You will not worry that a condom can tear. Only you, serenity and pleasure.

8. Masturbation stimulates libido.

The more you masturbate, the better you will know your body and become more confident in yourself. This will affect sex with a partner . If you regularly stimulate yourself, the importance and value of sex increases, as well as its benefits to the body.

9. Masturbation helps you to express yourself.

Does your partner pose require strength and flexibility from you? Forget it. During masturbation you are focused only on yourself. It doesn't matter how and with what you do it. If you are well, you are well. On your back or stomach, squeezing or stretching your legs, using a vibrator or fingers - you are on the right track.

10. Masturbation will save marriage

Sex in marriage inevitably becomes boring after a while. Passion slowly goes away, but life comes to the fore. Therefore, in those days when your partner falls down from exhaustion, and you want something hotter than cocoa, love yourself. Masturbation also helps to keep from treason because of differences in sexual appetites and addictions.

11. Masturbation is just damn nice.

And this is hard to argue.

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