11 vehicles collided due to fog

On the highway between Fagu and Kufri, 11 vehicles collided due to a skid on fog on NH-5. The incident occurred at 9 p.m. on Saturday and lasted all day on Sunday. Due to a railway accident, traffic backups were generated on NH-5 from Kufri to Bhekhalti through Fagu from Saturday night until Sunday evening.

In charge of the police station, The truck and automobile crashed on Saturday night, according to Thiyog Seva Singh Rana, owing to fog on the road. The truck skidded and collided with the drain, while the vehicle was severely damaged. Thiyog Hospital has recommended the driver of the automobile to Shimla IGMC. In the morning, a truck collided with a private bus travelling from Rampur to Shimla.


The truck's driver and cleaner were injured in the crash and were sent to IGMC for treatment. Skid on fog has caused damage to a total of 11 automobiles. The road was so slick at night due to the fog that the Fagu chowki police squad, which had raced to the scene for relief operations, had to walk there and found it impossible to stand.

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