12 hot sex positions for couples who are ready to experiment

May 12 2019 09:00 PM
12 hot sex positions for couples who are ready to experiment

Positions for threesome sex, variations with intimate toys and just unusual poses that are worth trying if the classics are tired.

1. Angle

The pose does not look the most usual way, but in fact, is quite simple in execution: the man sits, and the woman lies on his legs, wrapping her hips around his legs. In this position, the partner will be quite comfortable, besides, the partner can caress her clitoris.

2. Double rider

This position will surely please a man, if only because two partners are involved in it at once, and no special effort is required from him. There is nothing extraordinary in the position, in fact, there is no: one girl takes the pose of a rider, the second one sits on the face of the partner. But threesome sex (with the right approach) is a vivid and memorable experiment that will definitely help to refresh the relationship.

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3. 69 + 1

Another interesting pose for threesome sex: she assumes that girls are engaged in oral sex in the 69 positions, and the man penetrates into one of them from behind. The advantage is obvious - everything is in business and everyone is happy.

4. Sex with handcuffs

This seemingly trivial accessory, which can be purchased in any sex shop or ordered on AliExpress, gives a huge space for imagination. The illustration shows a standing posture, in which the partner's hands are fixed with handcuffs behind her back. On these options, of course, do not end there: you can put handcuffs on a man or chain your hands to the headboard. Experiment!

5. Doggy style with vibrator

Doggy Style is not all women's favorite, but this posture can be improved by stimulating the clitoris with a vibrator. Stop on this is not necessary: ​​in this position, you can finally try anal sex, if you still do not dare. Clitoral stimulation should make the process that not all girls like (which can't be said about guys), much more enjoyable.

6. Reverse rider for anal sex

Another posture for anal sex. It differs from the previous one in that the initiative is in women's hands, and this is a definite plus for the partner (and the process): the girl controls the depth and intensity of penetration, minimizing the risk of pain or injury.

7. Standing in public places

The thrill here again is not in the pose itself (one can hardly surprise someone with the “standing” position) but in a situation. Sex in public spaces is a real adrenaline rush. The main thing is to choose the right place (items from this list should be avoided) and make sure that you hide well: just enough to tickle your nerves, but don’t please the nearest police station for disturbing the order.

8. Double penetration

Another posture for threesome sex: this time the third is not a woman, but a man. This position will be accurately estimated by the unfastened partner because many girls fantasize about such a sexual scenario.

9. Missionary pose with erection ring

Another case where a sex toy can dramatically change the traditional position. An erection ring is a device that allows the penis to be in an erect state longer, and if it vibrates, it will be a real pleasure for a partner in some poses. For example, in the classical missionary position, an erection ring will stimulate the clitoris.

10. On your knees

If you do not want to invite other people into the bedroom and use additional funds, try unusual positions. One of these is a pose on the knees. It is quite intimate and simple to perform and to adjust the height, you can simply put a pillow on the legs.

11. Blowjob in doggie style

It may seem that this position is not unusual, but it is not. The knee-elbow position is associated with male domination, and the blowjob in this position becomes even hotter. If you have long wanted to move from vanilla sex to something more rigid, then you can start with this option.

12. Moving Crab

This is not the easiest pose to perform. In it, the partners sit face to face, legs apart, and make the most synchronous movements. If you do everything right, then together you will remotely resemble a crab in motion (hence the name). Orgasm in this position is difficult to achieve, but for slow sex (which in itself can be an interesting sexual experience) is a great option.

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