Now swine flu havoc in Kerala after Corona and Nipah, 12-year-old girl dies

Kochi: After Corona, Nipah, and West Nile Fever, now the swine flu entry back once has added to Kerala's woes. A 12-year-old girl from the Kozhikode district of the state has died of swine flu (H1N1). Health officials have informed that the child lost her life due to swine flu on Thursday. Sources said health officials are closely monitoring the matter.

Health officials said that the death of the girl was reported on Sunday, but her sample was taken and sent to the lab. The lab's report confirmed that the child was suffering from swine flu. Officials said that the girl's twin sister is also suffering from swine flu, which is undergoing treatment at the hospital. Doctors said the deceased girl and her twin sister had gone to neighbouring states for a holiday. A senior doctor told the media that medical tests had confirmed that the girl had died due to H1N1, while the condition of the deceased's twin sister was stable.

According to doctors, the two girls, residents of Ulery, were admitted to the Koyilandi Taluk Hospital before being shifted to the Institute of Maternal and Child Health (IMCH) a few days ago. In the last few years, many positive cases of H1N1 have been reported in Kerala. However, the health authorities had managed to control the disease through massive effective drives and vigilant mechanisms.  

How to avoid - 
* Patients of cough, cold, or fever should stay away.
* Do not touch any other object after touching the eyes, nose, mouth and hands should be soapy. Wash and clean with antiseptic fluid.
* Keep a cloth on the mouth and nose while coughing, and sneezing.
* Be relaxed and stress-free. In fact, stress reduces the immune system, which increases the chances of getting an infection.  
* Reduce the intake of starch (potato, rice, etc.) and sugary substances. Excessive intake of these types of substances reduces the activity of specific cells (neutrophils) fighting diseases in the body.
* Also do not consume curd, buttermilk can be taken. Drink a lot of boiled water and use nutritious food and fruits.  
* Avoid overcrowding when you have colds, and fevers and get proper (about 7-9 hours) sleep while resting at home.

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