13 VVIPs of India face personal data thefts from iPhone

Jul 18 2018 04:09 PM
13 VVIPs of India face personal data thefts from iPhone
Personal data was stolen after breaking into the iPhone of 13 VVIP people of India. Commercial Threat Intelligence Group Cisco Talos disclosed this. The company reported that data of these 13 people was broken through a virus (malware). The data from these people was being stolen for the past three years. Researchers at Cisco Toulos say that under a targeted campaign the iPhone of these 13 VVIP people was targeted with the help of a suspicious application. However, the identities of these 13 people have not been made public yet. 
Malware researcher Andrew Williams and Malware analyst Paul Raskagneri, a technical leader in Tallos Security, Warren Mercer in Cisco, says, "Hackers have used special techniques to add features to the right app. These apps include messaging apps like WhatsApp and Telegram. After this, using the mobile device management (MDM) system, it was inserted into the iPhone of these 13 people in India." Hackers have collected phone numbers, serial numbers, locations, contracts, user photos, SMS, telegrams and Whatsapp messages. Personal information stolen from the iPhone can be used to blackmail or ask for a bribe. 
Cisco's Expert says that those who target these iPhone can be in India, but they have tried to show themselves as a Russia. These people have used the Russian name and the e-mail domain of Russia. The two number of personal devices used by the attackers is their phone number, which is registered in the Vodafone network in India.
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