13 dead peacocks found in Bundi district, stir in district administration

Jaipur: In Rajasthan's Bundi district, there was an outcry due to the discovery of 13 dead peacocks in the rainy drain. It is feared that in such a large figure, peacocks have been killed by giving them poisonous grains. The peacocks which have been found dead, two peacocks have been found unconscious near them. After the death of the national bird peacock in such a large figure, there was a stir in the Bundi district administration.

This case of death of peacocks is being told of Kalikhat rainy drain between Bajad to Suwasa village of Taleda area of ​​Bundi. It is being speculated that the death of the peacocks is a case of poaching. Forest department staff, veterinary doctor and Bajad sarpanch Nathulal Bairwa reached the spot. Grains of maize and wheat were scattered where the peacock carcasses were.

It is likely that the poachers mixed the toxic substances in both of them and threw them there. He lost his life after eating these grains by the peacocks. The dead bodies of the peacocks were sent to the Talera Veterinary Hospital for post-mortem. Veterinary treatment of both the unconscious peacocks is being done. Here wildlife lovers have demanded strict action from the administration against poachers who kill peacocks by giving them toxic substances.

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