13-year old Arnav Dubey to make a remarkable career in music as reveals his dreams of becoming a rapper

The internet is a powerful platform that can be a game-changer for any person. Be it a child, a teenager or a working professional; the digital space has immense potential to make anyone a star. Proving his mettle as a versatile artist, Arnav Dubey is shining like a star over the webspace. He is just 13 and has proved that age is just a number. Hailing from Raipur, the young boy studies at G.D Goenka International School.

More than studies, Arnav is highly inclined towards extra-curricular activities. The creative abilities of Dubey have given him endless opportunities which he is showcasing in the digital domain. The supremely talented lad loves rapping and has a keen interest in music. For the same, he is practising music and is quite interested to come up with his music tracks soon. Arnav says that he is highly influenced by rapping and would want to make his career as a rapper.

The 13-year-old loves to watch movies and is learning different forms of music through online tutorials. Brought up in a disciplined environment, Arnav Dubey pays equal attention to studies as well as other co-curricular activities. He says, “My family is very supportive of me becoming a rapper. But for now, they have told me to focus on my studies and then follow my dreams. As of now, I want to finish my studies, get good grades and make them proud.”

Interestingly, the lockdown was a blessing in disguise for the young child. While everything became digital, so did the studies and other activities. When asked if he misses school, Dubey said, “I miss the school times and playing with my friends. But staying at home, I learnt a lot of activities and dedicated my time to learning music. I even tried my hand in writing raps and would want to perform on stage when things get back to normal”, revealed Dubey.

In a time of playing games and enjoying the early years of life, this young lad is going miles away with his extraordinary talent. We would not be surprised to see Arnav bagging projects from music labels in the coming time. Our best wishes are with him, and we hope that he turns his dream into reality soon.

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