14 month old baby blown everyone's senses... in just 3 minutes, made a big record by identifying the flags of 26 countries"

You must have heard the saying that some things are given by nature. This proverb fits perfectly on Yashasvi Mishra, who lives in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh, because this child has made a new record by recognizing the national flag of 26 countries in just 3 minutes. This child has become the youngest and the second Google Boy in the world. Through this feat, Yashasvi has also got his name registered in London's World Book of Records. The memory power of this child is so sharp that I never forget the thing once seen and heard. You can say that the mind of this child is exactly like Google.

This child, who hails from Rewa district, is not able to speak properly yet, but due to his talent, he has become the first child in the world to set a world record at the youngest. Yashasvi Mishra organized the London World Book of Books two months ago The feat in the London world book of records is going to blow the senses. In the interview, Yashasvi has recognized the flags of 26 countries and has also told their capital. Everyone was surprised to see the memory power: even though Yashasvi is still small, but his record is the biggest.

Seeing this talent of Yashasvi, the senses of the World Book of Records were also blown away because till now there was no record of 14-month-old children. Not only this, at present this child is engaged in preparing to make a new record of recognizing the national flag of 194 countries. Yashasvi's father Sanjay Mishra says that his son's memory power of his child is very fast. Once he is told a thing, he never forgets it and whenever he is asked about it again, he is also answering it with great enthusiasm. According to the news, Kautilya, popularly known as Google Boy, had achieved the title of world record at the age of 4. But Yashasvi has done this feat at the age of just 14 months.

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