14 tips for those who want to get rich

Apr 28 2019 10:06 PM
14 tips for those who want to get rich

1. Invest at least 10% of your income in yourself

If you do not invest in your business, you will remain in place. If you do not invest in your relationship, you will often demand something from your partner, without giving anything in return. Without developing personal and professional skills, you cannot succeed.

Before you take up some new business, you need to examine all the details and pitfalls. This can be done both independently and through paid training programs. As a rule, if a person pays for a lecture or a seminar, he listens more attentively and absorbs information.

Sign up to use online courses. Buy books. Fortunately, today there is a rich selection of extensive literature on various topics.

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Self-improvement concerns not only education and skills improvement but also basic needs such as nutrition. Instead of spending on fast food, buy healthy foods. Sometimes it is more expensive but worth it.

2. Spend at least 80% of your free time learning.

Most of us are consumers, not creators. Some just enough to receive a monthly salary from the authorities, they do not seek to achieve something more.

A common belief and justification for one’s inaction is the lack of time. It really is not enough, if you spend it thoughtlessly, for example on a social network or watching TV shows. How can you get rich without doing anything for it?

Leisure time is better to devote to education and self-improvement. This is the key to a successful future and achieving goals. The most successful people on the planet spend a lot of time reading. They never stop learning.

3. Work for Knowledge, not for money

It is necessary to devote to training not only the most part of free time but also working hours. Always comprehend something new at work, understand new tasks, participate in professional events, go deep into the study of your work area.

Stagnation leads to dissatisfaction not only with a career but with the whole life. Man needs change. Improving your professional skills, you open up a lot of opportunities.

Do not forget to rest, for a time completely moving away from work. Doing this, do not be distracted by anything else. Sometimes in a few hours, you can catch more than a week of work.

4. Learn, not for pleasure, but for the creation of something valuable.

In this age of information technology, you can find a huge amount of learning resources. But all this useful information will pass by if you just browse through it, and not study it in depth and meaningfully.

First, determine why and what you should study. Many read self-development books just for show or to add one more bestseller to their reading list. Without an understanding of the importance and desire to achieve anything, knowledge will not bring you benefit. You just do not learn anything and just spend precious time.

5. Invest at least 10% of income in what makes a profit.

As a rule, when a person begins to earn more, he begins to spend more. Many receive money and immediately acquire something.

Think about the sources of passive income. Invest in something that will provide you with additional profit. Perhaps later it will bring even more money than the main work.

6. Give more than you get.

This is not about money. Many want to take from life as much as possible, but do not want to give anything in return. They only think about themselves.

Approach life consciously thinks of others and do not dwell on your own advantage. Help people succeed and inspire them. Then you will understand that this approach brings much more satisfaction and happiness. You will look at the world differently and improve relationships with people.

7. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

Giving away no longer means that you must always act independently. From time to time, we all need help and professional advice.

Everyone depends on other people to one degree or another. But to recognize this fact requires wisdom and humility. Think of it not as a weakness, but as a force. Receiving help from someone, sincerely thank this person. Keep good relationships with people in both personal and work areas.

8. Build strategic partnerships that benefit both parties.

This will further achieve the desired results. But many prefer to compete, not cooperate. Together with someone you can create something more ambitious than acting alone.

You have knowledge in one area, and another person has the necessary skills in another area. Develop a project plan that will involve the skills of both parties. Together you will complement each other. It’s not for nothing that they say that one head is good, but two is better.

9. Look your fears in your eyes and multiply your current goals 10 times.

Write down your goals and visualize them daily. Set yourself goals that seem out of reach at first. To achieve them, you will be forced to change the way of thinking. You will form habits that bring you closer to what you want. You will become more consciously approaching all aspects of life.

Such an approach will force you to stand up and act: learn, play sports, train your willpower, surround yourself with inspirational people. In other words, look for ways to achieve the goal. Even if these are very crazy ideas, do not dismiss them immediately. Do not be afraid to go beyond and transcend yourself.

10. Learn marketing

If you have your own business, marketing will simplify your work. Customers will not appear from anywhere. Need to be able to attract their attention and keep. Learn the basics of psychology and communication.

The reason many cannot succeed is the unwillingness to devote time to studying this science. What is important is not only the internal component of what you sell but also the correct supply of goods.

11. Focus on the desired results.

A lot of effort and many hours of work does not guarantee success. Sometimes it only seems to us that we are busy with really necessary work.

It may take you only a few hours to reach one, and you will spend months on another.

Do not back down, even if you fail to achieve something for the first time. Many made mistakes in the beginning and lost large sums of money. But those who succeeded did not give up. Work on the result.

12. Do not forget about changing the situation.

What surrounds you affects the results of your work. Doing the same thing in the same situation is tiring. If you have the opportunity, do different tasks in different places and devote one day to someone business.

Are you writing a book or working on an article? Find a quiet place where no one will disturb you. There you can do more than you have in mind. Set up several meetings in a cafe, so as not to be distracted by other matters. Perhaps this approach will help you keep up.

13. Create your own definitions of the words “well-being” and “success”

After all, these concepts include not only money, although they are undoubtedly very important. However, some rich people do not experience happiness because other areas of their lives suffer. After all, money is only a tool for achieving our desires.

14. Be true to your convictions.

To achieve success in something, you need to clearly understand why you are doing it. People buy not what you sell, but how you sell it.

A great example is Apple. She does not go into the technical details of her inventions but shares her core values ​​with the world. And this product is wildly popular.

Belief in what you do will help you earn credibility in the market. You will be recognized. You will stand out. Do not look at the opinions of others. Stick to your principles, then you will succeed.

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