14-year-old girl gave birth to baby boy, told about her experience

The story of a girl is becoming very viral on social media these days, in fact, a student has shared her experience of getting pregnant at the age of 14 and giving birth to a child. When the girl came to know about the pregnancy at an early age, she was stunned. Now the age of the girl is 17 years. The girl told- When the mother got the news of my pregnancy, she was sad in the beginning, although later she fully supported her. A video creator by profession, the girl has more than 2 lakh subscribers on YouTube. 

Destiny said she tried to hide her pregnancy from her family for a long time. After becoming pregnant at 14, she became a mother at 15. Destiny said that she had first informed her sister Divine about her pregnancy. On hearing this, she was stunned. Due to this, Divine told many things to her in anger. When Destiny tells her mother Leilani about the pregnancy, she initially became sad. Leilani said that after this there was a lot of change in our relationship. Whereas, Destiny's father Sadat was worried about what would be his daughter's future plans.

Destiny said that she thought her mother would get angry knowing about the pregnancy but she congratulated her. Destiny is shocked to see this as her mother has been strict with her since childhood. Destiny said that her mother was very supportive. She said that she had no idea that the mother would react like this. There was a moment in the video when Destiny's mother became emotional about her pregnancy and started crying. Destiny said she doesn't want to encourage people to get pregnant at a young age. But, she has no regrets about getting pregnant at a young age. She is currently focused on taking care of her son, Sincere'Cordae. Destiny said- I got pregnant after about 3-4 months of dating. Initially, when she came to know about the pregnancy, she herself was very disappointed.

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