14-year-old student kidnapped by Haryana, sold in 20k to middle-aged man

Jun 13 2019 08:35 PM
14-year-old student kidnapped by Haryana, sold in 20k to middle-aged man

Faridabad: The case of kidnapping and human trafficking in Haryana's Faridabad district adjoining Delhi has come to light. After the case came to the fore, it has been revealed that a minor student was abducted and sold to the 45 year old man for 20 thousand rupees on 12 Feb 2018, a year ago, after which the accused got married to him without his choice and one year Till he was imprisoned in the house, he was forced to bow down to him.

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This was disclosed by the victim a year after he was released from the clutches of the accused on Feb. 19. The girl who had been raped for a year has given birth to a newborn on June 4. The victim and his family are now seeking justice from the government, according to the police, who have not yet detained the main accused, including the abductions and its alleged mother-in-law, ननद. The victim's parents are happy to have their baby, and they will also be able to find the child who has given birth.

According to the victim, the minor was abducted a year ago, followed by a deal in Delhi. Then the 45-year-old young man married him forcefully and was imprisoned for a year. The accused, according to the victim, did not let the child go out of the house or give him a mobile touch. Even he was only given a time to eat.

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