15 interesting fact related to the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Sep 17 2018 08:43 AM
15 interesting fact related to the life of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be 68 years old today. Born in the year 1950, Modi has seen a lot of ups and downs in his life. In 2014, there are many interesting things about the Modi who was sitting in the prime ministerial position after defeating Congress out of power and few people know about the facts of Narendra Modi. On the occasion of his birthday, here are a few facts:

1. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's father used to run a tea shop at the station.

2. In 1965, when there was a war between India and Pakistan, Modi served tea to the soldiers passing through Gujarat.

3. Narendra Modi's parents have 5 children, Narendra Modi is the second child of his parents.

4. Modi studied in Vadnagar's Bhagwatacharya Narayanaacharya School.

5. Modi was very fond of acting since childhood. He participated in drama in the school era and also won the prize.

6. In the childhood, PM Modi wanted to become a sannyasi after being influenced by a Sandhu.

7. Prime Minister was associated with the NSS Sangh from his childhood.

8. Born in Gujarat, Modi spent many months with the sadhus in the Himalayas.

9. After returning from the Himalayas, Modi started his tea shop in collaboration with his brother.

10. At the age of 18, he was married to Jasoda Ben.

11. Modi takes his mother's blessing before starting any work.

12. Modi has been very close to LK Advani.

13. Few people know that Modi has done a course in management and public relations in America.

14. Narendra Modi is a pure vegetarian and he also keeps fast.

15. Narendra Modi loves children alot.

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