15 trains standing for hours after getting late permit from Bhopal Railway Board

The biggest loss has been due to the migrant workers due to the lockdown. 15 special trains for migrant workers going from Maharashtra to Uttar Pradesh and Bihar remained standing at Khandwa, Burhanpur and nearby stations of Madhya Pradesh for several hours on Friday. After Bhusaval railway division i.e. Khandwa, it got a permit for entry into the boundary of Bhopal railway division. Over 15 thousand migrant workers from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar boarded in these trains have been troubled. Some workers also looted the water bottles kept for distribution at the station.

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There was anger among the workers distraught with hunger and thirst. The delay in getting the permit took an average of three hours extra to leave about six trains passing through Khandwa station. Along with Khandwa, these trains stopped at Budgaon, Bagmar, Dongargaon and Kohadar from around seven in the morning. The workers on board continued to worry about food and water. With the help of the administration, water was transported by tankers to the halted trains at the rural stations, while the khichdi and water bottles were distributed to the workers at the Khandwa station.

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Khandwa station master GL Meena said that due to not getting the permit from Bhopal Railway Division, trains going from Surat to Ballia, Mumbai to Patna, Panvel to Ballia, Bandra to Katihar left for several hours late.

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