Panic spread of coronavirus in Jhansi, 150 businessmen from Bundelkhand postpone China tour

Jan 29 2020 01:20 PM
Panic spread of coronavirus in Jhansi, 150 businessmen from Bundelkhand postpone China tour

Jhansi: The terror of the deadly corona virus spread in some cities of China has made businessmen restless. At present, the tour of China has been postponed by about 150 businessmen from Bundelkhand. At the same time it is also being said that 60 people from Jhansi alone visit China in connection with business. City businessman Rajiv Rai is building a hotel in Lucknow. But he is getting all the hotel furniture ready in China. There has also been talk with furniture businessmen about this. It has also been learned that he was supposed to go to China in February to do a final deal of about two crore rupees, but before that the dreaded corona virus spread. Because of this, he has canceled his visit to China.

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At the same time, there are constant calls from traders, they are telling their area safe. Despite this, Rajiv does not want to take any risk. This is not only about a businessman, but more than two hundred people of the region have canceled their visits to China. These include people going for picnics besides tourism.

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But at the same time, the number of people going to China from Bundelkhand region is enough. At the same time, 150 people fly to China every month. These include glass, plywood, electrical appliances and furniture businesses. Apart from this, many people also go for Hong Kong picnic. But, everyone has canceled their seizures due to Corona virus. Now they all are planning to go to China only after the atmosphere there. They say that they cannot go there for business or tourism with the risk of life.

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